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10.11.2008 ABOUT US


   Travel agency ARGUS TOURS was established in 1990. We are members of JUTA and IATA from the day we were founded. By constantly progressing, based on the results of our trading, we have managed to align with top tour operators in our market.

   We have achieved this by realization of correct business politics, conducted by a team (60 long time employees in the agency, and over 80 colleges currently working on the field) in a branch office that is optimally technically equipped. Exceptional advantage of our agency is our own roll stock (currently – six modern, tour busses, mini busses, and comfortable cars of first class for transportation of VIP guests), which we use knowingly.
   The fact, that over 500 tour agencies sell arrangements of ARGUS TOURS created by our sales specialists, speaks much of our reputation. Therefore the information (for the year 2007), that this wide branch has served about 55.000 clients, does not wonder. Precisely these results have helped us to expand our activity daily and establish new departments, such as the department four youth tourism, congress department...
   Surely, we have intensively included our selves in many programs of receptive tourism, in a goal to represent our country worthily, which should be a basic goal of every domestic agency.  Just in this context, we have lately organized several congresses and counseling’s, as well as tours around Serbia, which is our pleasure, rated as very successful and it makes us good hosts.
   We are worthily recognized by our foreign – partners and they are very pleased that we extend the size of our trading, and at the same time improve the quality of our cooperation.
   We are equipped by the most recent system for air tickets selling, for our and world companies which are present in our market.
Having in mind all that was said above, we are prepared for business cooperation, including all ways of travel organization in our country and abroad, cooperation in mediating for air tickets selling of all world companies, as well as reservations for accommodation in hotels of every category in our country and abroad.

Best regards,

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We are located in 51 Balkanska street in Belgrade. Phone: +381 11 76 17 660

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